Build the future together, tomorrow will be more exciting


Build the future together, tomorrow will be more exciting

Lanren Aluminium holds the 2019 end-of-year summary meeting and 2020 business oaths conference


The year of the pig has passed, and the year of the rat has arrived! At 2:00 p.m. on January 10, 2020, Chongqing Lanren Aluminium Co., Ltd.'s 2019-2020 Final Ceremony and Oath Master Conference was held at Tingyu Xiaozhu, Jiangbei District. All the staff gathered together in a relaxed and happy atmosphere The meeting opened with moderator exciting new year's message.

 Mr. Shen, the deputy general manager of the company, delivered a speech to comprehensively summarize the company's overall operating situation and existing problems in 2019.

Subsequently, the conference commended and rewarded the company's "Individual Sales Champion"——Paul Fu, "Individual Sales Runner-up"—Peter Qin, "Individual Sales Runner-up" and "Annual Teachers and Friends" —Doreen Liu ,Cao Na is the "Behind the Scenes Heroes". In the awards session, President Lu, President Shen and President Zhou presented prizes to them respectively. And the winners make award speeches.

Figure 1:President Lu presents awards for Paul Fu   

Figure 2: President Zhou presents the award to Peter Qin 

Figure 3:Doreen Liu delivers speech 

Figure 4: President Shen presents the award to Cao Na

President Lu delivered a speech, announced the company's business goals for 2020, and proposed strategic plans and expectations. The so-called: use the power, invincible in the world; use the wisdom, there is no fear in front of saint. President Lu said that in 2020, we must do our best to achieve our personal goals, and we must work together to complete the company's overall business goals. It may be difficult for one person to achieve this goal, but it is easy for everyone to achieve this goal by combining the strengths of each person.


Figure 5:President Lu delivers speech

 Since then, all the employees of the company have spoken freely at the meeting, summarizing the work of the past year, the plan for future work, and some views and prospects of the company. Then, all the people signed the "Commitment of Operational Objectives" and made an oath ,We firmly believe that We firmly believe we can be better than 2019.


Figure 6: All people swore

In the end, everyone sang "I and My Country", and the annual meeting ended successfully in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Tomorrow, this is a beautiful and glorious glamorous word, and I believe that in 2020, Lanren Aluminium will create countless possibilities. 

                               Author:Lu Jiangli

                               Translator:Cao Na

                               Editor:Chen Wenwen