Cooperation between universities and enterprises to win mutual benefits

Teathers of ChongQing City Management Vocational College visited the company to investigate


Cooperation between universities and enterprises to win mutual benefits 

Teathers of ChongQing city management vocational college visited the company to investigate


At 10:00 on October 26, 2018, a group of 5 leaders and young teachers from Chongqing City Management Vocational College visited our company and the second batch of students who were internship in the company. They visited and inspected the students' internship environment and living conditions, and understand the company's products,  corporate culture, goodwill and social responsibility.     



Subsequently, our company held a symposium in the conference room with the leaders and teachers of the visiting college, and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on how to carry out the next school-enterprise cooperation. At the symposium, president Shen expressed his welcome to the leadership of the college and the arrival of teachers and students. LANREN is willing to shoulder social responsibilities and work together with Chongqing City Management Vocational College to train comprehensive high-quality talents for the society. Director Wu of the Faculty of Humanities said that he highly recognizes LANREN s “flattened” management method and talent training mechanism; Cooperation between universities and enterprises to win mutual benefits is one of the important trends in the future economic development of enterprises. We hope to cooperate deeply with the excellent enterprises and experts in the field of international trade in Chongqing area such as LANREN.



President Shen said that our company has always attached great importance to cooperation with major universities. I hope that this cooperation can promote cooperation and achieve a win-win development for both parties! LANREN will continue to play the corporate spirit of benefiting customers, employees and society. We will constantly strengthen our strength, cultivate more outstanding talents, and strive to create more achievements in the international trade of aluminium industry, and make more contributions to social and economic development!