Studying hard, knowing and doing, and arriving at the conscience

LANREN--The first issue of "Wake Up" reading party


Studying hard, knowing and doing, and arriving at the conscience 

LANREN--The first issue of "Wake Up" reading party

Contributed by Chen Shengli

         At 14:00 on August 10, the company organized the staff held its first "wake up" book club. This meeting was chaired by president Chen.

At the meeting, the three representatives of the business department - President Chen, Wang Lian and Fu Jun - each gave a warm speech on their own experience of learning the "Field ZhuSheng doctrine in dragon". 

       Prisedent Shen shared: “Because you believe and see, the confusion is only temporary. We must do things with the heart of conscience, and finally we will succeed.

Wang Lian shared: "Being determined, diligent, rehabilitated, and responsible, these four complement each other and are indispensable. I hope that every member of the company can trust and understand each other, because one person's strength is very small, and only a group of people will go further."


Fu jun shared: “ first of all, you have to figure out who you are and what you can do. Second, we should keep active learning, keep alert to our thoughts, and save ourselves three times a day.”

Later, everyone watched a thought-provoking video that recorded the story of Fenda Technology's senior executives during the volunteering of the Confucian Courtyard. The study of the conscience brought her tremendous changes.

At the end of the meeting, president Chen also expressed her profound insight:the study of corporate culture is an important part of our work. We should always study everything diligently, so we must ask ourselves when we can not deal with somethings well. We all understand the principle, why is this life bad? It is easy to break the thief in the mountains, and it is difficult to break the thief in the heart. It is necessary to put the feelings of learning and learning into action, so that the quality of life can be improved. 

As president Chen said, life is a kind of experience. We must mirror each other, be alert to our own arrogance, and strive to do a good job of "The heart of man is unpredictable, the heart of tao is subtle. Only with one heart and one mind, we can govern our country well”. Chinese culture is profound and We must learn with humility, move towards the direction of the sage culture, and link China's good products and culture to customers all over the world. We look forward to the banner of LANREN's victory in the world!