Walking side by side for dreams


Walking side by side for dreams

In order to strengthen the management of talents in enterprises and establish a sound talent echelon, the LANREN aluminium industry has recently absorbed fresh blood. In order to help new employees better understand the company profile, service concept, product information, and integrate into the company team more quickly, on the morning of August 7, 2018, our company held a new employee induction training meeting in the conference room.



At the meeting, Liu Jiangyu, the head of the business unit S group, told everyone that the first task of becoming a salesman is to give yourself an accurate position. She then elaborated on the company's business processes and key products, and answered questions for new employees. Combining her sales experience, Liu Jiangyu talked about the problems she will encounter at work and how to solve it. In order to become a good salesman, we must carefully understand the customer, use our strong professional attitude and service awareness to complete the customer's wish and take away the customer's concerns. If you don't understand the work, you should promptly ask for it, solve it in time, and constantly sum up the lessons learned. We should always keep ourselves in a charging state, constantly learn various trade knowledge, understand trade policies, pay attention to the international economic situation, and then improve our professional level and ability.

Then, the administration and human resources department introduced the rules and regulations of our company and the corporate culture, so that we can have a deeper understanding of LANREN, walk into LANREN and blend in LANREN.

 In the future, I hope that we can work together, learn together and make progress together, and make our contribution to the future of LANREN aluminium.